White Lady Cop Cries Over Egg McMuffin

This white lady cop ordered an Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and a coffee, from McDonald’s. Her order wasn’t ready, so they gave her the coffee and asked her to wait in a parking spot, which is something that happens to people at fast food establishments all the time. But for our intrepid heroine, waiting forContinue reading “White Lady Cop Cries Over Egg McMuffin”

A Black Man Asked People To Vote On How He Will Die

Last week, a black man I follow on Twitter posted a poll. He asked his followers how he will die: Will he be Ahmaud Aberery’d, Breonna Taylor’d, or George Floyded. I picked Ahmaud Arbery’d. I didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to. But my discomfort was the point. As a white woman, I willContinue reading “A Black Man Asked People To Vote On How He Will Die”

Dear Fellow White People: What The Hell Are You Doing?

This is a compilation of photos of white people participating in what white people are calling “The George Floyd Challenge.” One racist white person kneels on the neck of another racist white person, and everyone laughs because nothing’s funnier than the tortuous murder of a black man under the knee of a white cop. I’mContinue reading “Dear Fellow White People: What The Hell Are You Doing?”

The Law and Order of Donald Trump

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump called himself the “law and order candidate.” And his supporters cheered, because they (falsely) believed that President Obama hated law enforcement. Under President Obama, the Department of Justice took a key role in exposing police abuse and corruption, including shootings, racism, and police brutality. When Trump took office, heContinue reading “The Law and Order of Donald Trump”

Undercover FBI Agent Arrested Because He’s Black

An undercover FBI agent was arrested during a protest because he’s black. The two officers handcuff and manhandle him as he calls them “stupid.” Which they are. The only reason this happened is the FBI agent is a black man. Eventually, these two racial profiling ignoramuses take the FBI agent’s identification from his back pocket,Continue reading “Undercover FBI Agent Arrested Because He’s Black”